Thumbnail of Swastiks Web Responsive Showcase for Salman Ravoof


Swastiks is a popular spices and masalas brand in South India with more than 400 employees and a network of 250 dealers. It has carved out a niche for itself with its affordable, quality Indian spices and pickles. I built their responsive ecommerce website on WordPress plus WooCommerce platform. They now generate hundreds of orders organically through their website.

Thumbnail of Responsive Website Mockups of Praras Biosciences

Praras Biosciences

Praras Biosciences is one of India’s top biochemical manufacturing companies. It manufactures specialty biochemicals for diverse industries like Food, Beverages, Plantation and Microbial Solutions (Bio-enzymes). They also offer biotechnology solutions to other companies using their expertise in the field. I was tasked with revamping their WordPress website. The result is a modern, responsive, user-friendly website that not only showcases Praras Biosciences as a leader in its industry, but also generates relevant leads to them organically. Their new website is built on WordPress platform.

Thumbnail of Responsive Website Mockups of Glades


Glades is a relatively new eco-friendly company offering a plethora of Wood-Plastic Composite (WPC) products. WPC is a new-age hybrid material which provides benefits of both wood and plastic with almost none of their drawbacks. Tenoris India Pvt. Ltd. approached us to launch their new brand, right from brand name and brand kit to brochure and website. And we delivered it in style. Their responsive website is built on WordPress platform. It’s optimized for teaching users about the benefits of WPCs, the various WPC products Glades offers and to generate leads.

Thumbnail of Responsive Website Mockups of Standard Pottery Works

Standard Pottery Works

Standard Pottery Works (SPW) is an established and well-respected clay tiles brand, especially in South India. As a trusted roofing partner for almost 60 years, SPW aimed to make their digital presence as strong as their offline standing. They’re a part of The Standard Brick and Tile Co., which was founded in the year 1930. I worked with them to set up the branding and content first, and then proceeded to build the website. The website is built on WordPress platform and supports Product Enquiries for their various clay tiles.

Thumbnail of timios Ecommerce Website Mockups


timios is the premier kids food brand in India. They focus on offering healthy, tasty and nutritious snacks to little ones. I lead the effort to design and develop timios’ branding and e-commerce website portal, right from developing their web content architecture and content strategy to website development and deployment. The website is built on WordPress and WooCommerce platform.